Questions on trial days, having multiple computers

Hi there!

So, my friends and I are having our gift exchange post-Christmas, and my trial will probably run out a few days before that, but I already requested an activation code as a gift; I don’t want (my friends and I) to buy it twice! Is there any way of extending the trial for 3 or 4 additional usage days so as not to screw up our holiday gift exchange or my work in progress?

Also, when I do get the code: The license says nothing about only running on one computer at a time, but the FAQ says it should only be run on one computer at a time.

Is one of these going from old information? And, if not, how “strict” is this / is there phone-home code enforcing it? I frequently keep more than one computer on at a time and I don’t want to risk losing my work or the program by absentmindedly leaving it open on the wrong machine.


The problem with running Scrivener on more than one computer at a time is the risk of data loss. Edit a project on Computer B when it’s still open on Computer A, and you could create two conflicting versions of the project.

But as far as the license itself is concerned, you’re fine.


Yes, the license is for family/members of the same household and/or your multiple computers. So you can have it installed in your desktop and your laptop. I think you have a total of 10 different installs within 3 months before you’d have to ask for special permissions.

The big thing is to not work on the same project from different computers. You want to close down your work before opening it on another computer. You can run Scriv on both computers at the same time–at least, I’ve done it. (Not usually on purpose. I just like leaving the open-project screen up so I can do so more quickly.)

As for extending your trial, that I don’t know about. I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m not a L&L employee.