Questions re footnotes (and WordPerfect software)

My current effort to learn how to use Scrivener has been going very well. I’m really starting to see why people like it so much, and I’ll probably be purchasing it in the next week or so.

My hope is to use Scrivener primarily for one huge project that I’ve sunk years of my life into. And so I want to be sure that it really will do the job for me before I make the leap.

My project has been written in WordPerfect software (by Corel). Lawyers and law professors tend to prefer WordPerfect over Word, and that’s how I got started with it years ago.

I seem to have three main questions:

1: Is there any way to import WordPerfect files into Scrivener, or will I have to continue cutting and pasting them?

2: When I cut and paste WP text with endnotes, the endnotes are displayed as inline footnotes in Scrivener. Is there any way around that? That is, can I have them displayed as endnotes?

3: Finally, are there any special problems that I should anticipate in compiling and exporting back into WordPerfect after all my work in Scrivener is done? I’m guessing that a few people, at least, have used the WordPerfect / Scrivener combination. Any word on how the last steps have gone for them?

Thank you very much to anyone who can help with these questions.

I see that one intrepid soul has blazed a portion of this trail. I’m using WP 8, rather than 12. Don’t know if that would make a difference.

I don’t think WP 8 would behave any differently than 12 in this case. WP 8 can produce an rtf file, right? I seem to remember that it could.

However I will point out that the big project I moved from WP 12 to Scrivener is fiction and had no footnotes or endnotes at all. So I don’t know what problems your endnotes might give you. But I did have some WP comments, which came into Scrivener nicely.

If you haven’t already solved it, I suggest you just test it out with one large file with footnotes/endnotes and see what happens.