Questions re: placeholder tags and page header and footer settings

OK, so I’ve been trying to test/get the header and footer settings set for a manual I’ve been working on, and I’m not sure if what I’m running into are bugs or user ignorance. All searches in the beta forum have turned up things only tangentially related. Any input would be appreciated.

  1. I have the option in Page Setting ticked to ‘Use facing pages.’ I then have the ‘Main Body’ headers and footers set to include items in the middle and on the right. I have the ‘Facing Pages’ headers and footers set to include items on the left and in the middle. (Basically, I want the headers and footers to be towards the outside when the pages are printed double-sided and put into a binder. ) However, when I compile to *.docx, all the headers and footers compile to the left hand side of all pages. Do I need to change some setting, or is this a bug?
  2. Part of the header/footer is an image, specifically, a *.png with a transparent background that I imported into Research and named ‘Ambitions logo.’ The placeholder instructions for using imported images are very vague, so I basically just am using <$img:Ambitions logo;w=200> which absolutely doesn’t work (it shows up in the compiled *.docx as the placeholder text only. If I am doing this completely incorrectly, could someone enlighten me as to the correct way to use this placeholder? (and in which case I suggest that the placeholder documentation be updated for clarity.) If I AM using this correctly and it is just broken, is there an img placeholder format option which works?

Thanks much!

Further testing:

-Compiling to PDF puts the headers and footers in the correct location on the page (as far as I can tell, will explain), however, ALL placeholder tags show up only as the text of the tag in PDF, which makes it slightly unclear if all of them are in the right place as they are sometimes so huge that they take up the entire header or footer area.

-I have tried copying the internal link to the image and using that for the img placeholder. Doesn’t work. Tried other variations of the link to the image, none of them work, either when compiling to PDF or docx.