quibble with search function (in document)

Still enjoying Scrivener a lot but one potentially problematic thing I’ve noticed is that when you bring up the search function within a document by hitting cmnd-F and then hit “return”, you are brought to your search term but the search window also disappears. Now, if you want to find the next instance of that word and hit “return” again (as you would do in MS Word for this function), the first instance it just helped you find will be wiped out of the document (since it both zooms to the word and selects it). It’s fine if you catch your mistake but it could be a big problem if you just cmnd-F again in confusion and go on with your work.

Of course, this problem doesn’t happen if you just click on ‘next’ with your mouse in the search window, but that’s not as convenient as a keyboard shortcut.

Relatedly, the trick of bringing up search with cmnd-F, typing your search term, and then hitting cmnd-G (instead of return or clicking on the button) to toggle between instances is pretty cool but requires you to remember the different method for this program while distracted by the task of writing (if you’re like me and use scrivener for organizing the idea but are constantly switching over to MS Word for the actual writing).



This is just the standard way the Mac does things - see Pages, TextEdit, Mail etc. Personally, now that I’m used to cmd-F and cmd-G, I hate the Word way of doing it.

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