Quick access voice dictate button for Scrivener iOS?

Fantastic job with Scrivener iOS! I’m having so much fun using this on my iPad Pro and iPhone 6s+! I never imagined I’d be Scrivenering (is that a thing?) on both my mobile devices!

I love using iOS voice dictate to get ideas down fast, but I also love using an external keyboard with my iPad/iPhone which auto-hides the iOS keyboard, obscuring the voice dictate button. After some bungling, I figured out that you can press and hold the “hide” down-arrow on Scrivener’s extended keyboard row (bottom right) to make the iOS keyboard reappear, which allows access to the voice dictate button again.

I’m assuming this is an iOS API thing, but would it be possible to add the voice dictate button into the Scrivener iOS UI (i.e. to the extended keyboard area) to make that feature a little more natural?

Thanks again for all your hard work with Scrivener iOS. Version 1.0 is amazing! I’m blown away with everything you’ve packed into this release. So great!

In the Mac you activate dictation by double pressing the fn key. Doesn’t this work with iOS and an external keyboard too?

Sadly no, I’ve tried it with several Bluetooth keyboards. It appears to be a “MacOS” only shortcut from what I can tell. If anyone finds a workaround for this please let us know! :slight_smile: