Quick Add Link in Scrivener

In addition to creative writing, I’ve started using Scrivener for compiling a directory of webpages (and it’s working so much better than Pages!). Right now, to add links, I go to the Edit menu and select ‘Add Link…’ then I paste the URL and press ‘OK’.

Is there a faster way?

(Just pasting links leaves them as normal text, and dragging the link from the browser adds the link with the name of the page, it doesn’t leave it as the URL.)

Perhaps there is a keyboard shortcut, or a button I can add to the Toolbar?



You can use the System Preferences to add a keyboard shortcut to any menu item - here’s how:

literatureandlatte.com/wiki/ … _shortcuts

In this case, you will need to create a shortcut for both “Add Link…” and “Edit Link…” (use the same shortcut for both), because the menu item can swap between these two titles.

Also, ensure that “Automatically detect web addresses” is ticked in the “Corrections” Scrivener preferences. If it is, then after you hit return after pasting in a URL, it should change into a link.

All the best,

Wow – that is what I have been searching for! Thank you so much!
Being able to add those shortcuts – that’s going to help me out in a million other areas as well.
And thanks for pointing out the ‘Edit link’ too. It works perfectly.
That made my day :smiley:

~Myra (Ignolopi)