Quick and Clean Conversion from MOBI to ePub

My main project is going very well with Scrivener, but I have something else I want to use.

My last book was created from a OpenOffice document. I saved to an HTML file, zipped that up and uploaded it to Kindle Direct Publishing. I then downloaded the completed MOBI.

I would like to convert that file to ePub. I used some MOBI to ePub converters and the results haven’t been too good.

Should I use Scrivener for this? My trial imports (tried .doc, .rtf, and .html) have all given me error messages. I’d like to avoid splitting all the 32 chapters, but will if I need to.

What’s the best way to accomplish this conversion?



Calibre is the “Swiss Army” knife for e-book management. It has extensive conversion and cleaning features (although I do not recommend using their x -> Mobi converter as it doesn’t build the KF8 half, last I checked) and is good reference tool in general for checking formatting.