Quick and Dirty Global Font Grand Unification

I joyously made an outline of text pages nudged into my comprehensive outline
and feverishly cut-and-pasted the pieces of my project into the awaiting pages from about 6 different apps with at lease a score distinct font and format settings

Oops. :open_mouth:

I was pouring this into a preset templet - essay for lit Chicago.

Is there anyway to globally select all text and apply the correct font settings and such?


PS: (I did more work today than I have done in the last 6 months to shape this project up and pull it together.) :smiley:

Select all the documents you want to change, then use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style. :slight_smile:

Ah… I was selecting all and then just doing the Font select thing. THANKS!

Program is a wow.