Quick Chronosync Question

When using the latest version of Chronosync for bidirectional synchronization, there is an option to ‘dissect packages’.

Can anyone advise if this option should be switched on for syncing Scrivener projects?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t hurt. All that does is treat a bundle as a folder, moving only the files within it that have changed. The only thing you will want to be really careful of is that changes only go in one direction! It won’t solve the situation where some things have been changed on one computer and other things have changed on another computer, because there are certain parts of the project bundle that keep everything glued together and those can only go one way (there are exceptions, if you are exceptionally careful and aware of everything that has changed, but for the most part it is just safest to follow the above rule of thumb). For that level of synchronisation, you need something that can make changes within the files themselves (like Subversion or CVS), and even then there are caveats to be aware of (and most forms of this type of synchronisation take a level of geekiness that most are not willing to put up with).

All you have to do is make sure all of the arrows are pointing in the same direction, but it is a nice option, as it takes significantly less time to synch when large projects are involved.