Quick External Links?

I am writing a long scrivener document and need to link to some ‘external documents’ (word, excel, pdf, jpg). I don’t want to import them into my Scrivener project as they still need tweaking as it’s easier to do in other programs.

I can find the “Edit - > Add link” option but then I must paste in the document path.

Problem: how to quickly find the document path in mac?

The only way that I’ve been able to do it is via TextEdit - but these seems to involve many unnecessary steps. I would like to just navigate the document I want to link or find the root path easier.


You could drag files from the Finder into the Add Link dialogue field, or from Spotlight.

So you could:

a) highlight the text in Scrivener
b) Edit > Add Link
c) cmd-space to bring up Spotlight
d) search for the file to be added
e) drag the icon of that file to the Add Link field

The full path will be entered into the field.

There may be other ways as well.

Drag and drop is the best way I know of from Finder, as well. There are other third-party tools that make copying a path easier (for when drag and drop would be awkward). Path Finder, for example, makes it a snap to copy the full path of any file. LaunchBar can select and copy (and even paste into the current program) the path too. If you use any power tools like that that work with files, you might check their documentation and see if there is a simple approach within them.