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I may be missing some available feature, but I need to quickly access a file, containing a long number of comments concerning my whole manuscript. Therefore I need to go back and forth between this one file with the comments and a long number of other documents. I know there is a feature called Quick ref, but it seems to me that this quick reference will only open my file so long as it is selected. If I select another document, as I peer through my manuscript, clicking on Quick ref will open the new selection. Is there a way to pin down/lock this file somewhere, in order to have it always at hand?

Opening a file in a Quick Reference pane will create a separate window with that file.

You might also want to have a look at the Project Bookmarks feature, which is especially useful in combination with a Quick Ref pane.

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Thanks. I’ve been looking at both tools, Quick Ref and Project Bookmarks. You suggested that the two could work in combination: could you please expand? I have so far found no way to make a link more permanent. Whichever choice requires a minimum of 2 clicks at best. This is why I was suggesting to add a quick link button to the toolbar, from where I could open my file with just one click.

See Section 12.6 in the manual, on Quick Reference panes, and Section 10.3 on Bookmarks.

Briefly, Bookmark the document(s) you want to reference. Open a Quick Reference pane, and enable the Bookmark sidebar for it. The sidebar can serve as a miniature Binder, allowing you to hop between bookmarked documents. See Section 10.3.3 in the manual for examples and a figure.

The key here is that Bookmarks are a permanent part of the project. Once you Bookmark a document, it is immediately accessible from any Quick Reference pane you create, regardless of which document actually launched the QR pane.

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Thanks. There is so much to Scrivener which I never had a chance to discover.

I have been using the combination of Quick Ref and Bookmarks. Clicking Bookmarks, I have the option to open the bookmark as Quick Reference. This makes 2 keystrokes and no scrolling necessary. However I would still like to see just one customizable Quick Link button on the Toolbar, making for one single click :smile:

Not to deny the utility of Quick Reference windows, but if the main problem is that you’re clicking around between a few different documents repeatedly, then the history buttons (which work just like in your web browser) are probably the most straight-forward way of doing this. Click somewhere, then hit ⌘[ / Ctrl-[ to go Back (or click the buttons in the header bar, if you find that easier).

And of course the split view model is built around this entire concept of there being a semi-static thing you’re working on. The left side can be your main file with comments, and then the right split is used for all of the forking paths you need to take from it.

Here’s what I’d try:

  1. Split the editor vertically.
  2. Load your main document on the left or right side, as you prefer.
  3. Lock that side from any accidental navigation, with Navigate ▸ Editor ▸ Lock in Place (that’s a handy shortcut to memorise as well if you do this a lot).

Now by default anything you click on in the binder will redirect to the unlocked split.

Good point. I hadn’t realised I could lock a document in one part of the screen. I should have thought of it: when splitting the screen I often end up with 2 views of the same document, that‘s why I very rarely used it.