quick look and index cards

I’m sure there is a way to do this, but I can’t locate it. Is there a way to select an index card, hit the space bar and see a quick look of the document ? Thank you

If by index card, you’re referring to the cards on the corkboard, you can hit the spacebar and the selected card (item) will open in the current editor.

You then use the back arrow in the editor header bar or CMD + [ to return to the screen with the corkboard.


You can configure this behaviour:

Go to Preferences > Behaviours > Navigation > Space key opens selected document and choose one of the options in the drop down list: you probably want Quick Reference Panel. This opens a new window showing the text of the document (and much else besides – it’s very customisable…) — close it with cmd-w when you’re done. In the screenshot I’ve used the space bar to open the Quick Reference Panel for the document “Metadata” (I’ve shrunk it a bit to make the screenshot smaller).

In the answer above this one, Lometogo has the action set to Editor — both options have their uses so it’s really up to you which you prefer.


thank you !

@br, I love your answer and learned a better way, thanks.

Question though. I changed my preference so the space-key would open the document in a QR panel. However, some panels open up full screen and others open up in a smaller footprint. Can I control that behavior?


You’re welcome!

As for the size of the new Quick Reference panel, I can’t find a setting which dictates its size and location.

However, after a bit of testing, I think that it remembers the size of the last one you opened. i.e. Open a QR panel, then resize it. The next one you open will retain your new size. However, it doesn’t remember the location, and opens in the standard ‘vaguely right of centre’ position.

I could be wrong, but that looks to be what’s going on when I try it.

I think you’re right. One thing that I did, because I wanted to open all of my character dossiers in one big QR window, was to use the Window->Merge all Windows menu. That created a tabbed QR window from all of the other floating windows. The side-benefit to that is that you only have to resize one window to your liking. Other options include using tools like Magnet to snap a window to the left or right size (or top, or bottom) of the screen if you want to see them side-by-side.

I always prefered the tabbed document interface, so I have that set for all applications (I think it’s in Preferences->General: Prefer tabbed windows… something like that).

Normally I hate tabbed interfaces except in a very few circumstances such as browsers[*], so I have it turned off by default, but the way you’ve described how you used multiple QR panes (effectively as a tabbed Help browser) looks interesting—looks like I’ll have to add a ‘Next tab’ shortcut though… (ctl-opt-[ and ] I think) Thanks!

[*] Some programs seemed to have implemented it because it’s in the toolkit, rather than because it makes life easier for the user. I’ve never once thought that having a tabbed Finder window would be useful…