Quick Look for Binder

I like how in windows in Leopard’s Finder, I can select a document and click the “Quick Look / Selection” button (it looks like an eye) to pull up a larger window with a preview of what’s inside. And I think this feature would be convenient to have for Scrivener’s Binder.

The way I imagine it being implemented in Scrivener: In the Binder, right-click or hover over a file or folder to open up a preview window. Close the window either by hitting escape or mousing off the selected object.

It would be useful for answering questions such as, “How tall did I want that character to be?” or “Where did I want those streets to run to and from?” or “What did that character say exactly in that scene a few chapters back?” quickly and with minimal break in writing flow. And it’d be good for de-cluttering the main window as people could quickly look up things in the Binder without having to split the Editor. It would be as useful and nifty as having a little notebook around in real life that you pull out of a pocket to quickly grab a little piece of info and then quickly put away once done.

Of course, I am not a programmer so I have no clue of this is possible at all. I just wanted to put this out there to suggest a more efficient workflow and at least find out how feasible it is. Thanks.

Might I suggest the Project Notes feature?

Also, the two halves of the split editor window don’t need to be the same size. I often keep a small split open for exactly this purpose.


In conjunction with the “Binder Affects…” option, this is a very “brain-less” way to go about it. You don’t have to worry about switching splits or anything to quickly reference something.

Project Notes works well for things that don’t contain a lot of info like the contact info of a store that’s mentioned once and only once. But for more extensive things like full chapters and character biographies, that window is too small and I’d rather write those things out in an editor window.

I have a split editor myself and the left side is about ¼ the size of the right side. But I still think Quick Look would be much more efficient if it can reduce mouse clicking. I’m actually posting this for a friend who would rather not have to deal with a split editor at all but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really like her idea.

Her ideal use is that Quick Look would be for quick looks. Easy on, easy off. Stuff that needs a longer viewing time would be in a split editor. But not everything needs a longer viewing time. I also like her idea because it can be used for anything: text, PDFs, audio, images. Or at least, in Leopard’s Finder, it can be used for anything.

Binder Affects is a sanity saver for me. Though, the more I think about it, the more I think my friend is on to something. I myself can imagine the convenience of having an outline or corkboard on the left and editor on the right and quick look for the binder. It provides another way of getting information out of the binder while still keeping the program within only one window.

It sounds like an interesting idea, yes.

The problem with project notes for something like this is that you are never quite sure what you will want to look at mid-stream, and so you have to stuff a lot of things in there, which makes it harder to find what you wanted.

This idea could overcome that.

However, I saw a screenshot in another post of Project Notes as a floating window with a lot of user-definable tabs… that could also aid this problem significantly.



Thanks for your suggestion. I can’t really see how a Quick Look feature would make things easier here. You couldn’t really have it just pop-up if you hovered your mouse over it… That would be annoying. It would need mouse action of some sort no matter what, as I see it, which would make it no less cumbersome than using the split view. Moreover, Quick Look wouldn’t really understand the special sort of extended RTF that Scrivener uses for things like footnotes etc.

It’s a nice suggestion, but I can’t see this fitting into Scrivener, sorry.

Thanks again and all the best,