Quick on-screen "preview" as PDF?

I’m using Scrivener for Mac to write proposals which are ultimately submitted as PDFs. My goal is to NOT have to do any final editing of my documents in Word after I’m finished writing a proposal. I want to just spit out the PDF from Scrivener. However, after I’m done writing, I need to edit for content and formatting. I find myself going through numerous iterations of Compile>Print>Open PDF in Preview … and then looking at the PDF on-screen to review. I’ll find small changes, go back to Scrivener, then do the Compile dance again. Question:

Is there a way to quickly – with just one click – Compile and view the PDF on-screen? I recently switched from Ulysses to Scrivener and the ONLY thing I miss is Ulysses’ “Preview…” command!

There isn’t a single button for compiling with current settings like that. I use a macro (Keyboard Maestro, but I bet Automator would work as well) that goes through all of the compile steps automatically, saving a file to the disk in one keypress. I don’t even have to open the PDF separately, because the reader I use (Skim) can automatically update the viewer when it detects changes to the PDF on the disk.