Quick question: how do I move location of Scratch Pad files?

Hi. Today I moved all my Scrivener documents to my Dropbox folder. I had been using Dropbox for some Scrivener documents but today I decided to put all of them there.

However, I wasn’t sure how to move my Scratch Pad files. Right now they are in Documents>Scrivener Projects. I must have chosen that location years ago. How do I move them to Dropbox so that Scrivener can find them? I went through Scrivener’s preferences and I couldn’t find an option for changing the Scratch Pad location. Maybe I missed it.


In Preferences, under the leftmost tab, General, just below the middle you find Scratchpad where you can change Location. If you put it in your Dropbox folder, you can send things into it from iOS apps like Drafts 4.