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COngratz on the big 3 L&L

Has a per project custom word-list been implemented?

Not as far as I recall – it’s still per-installation. If I remember the discussions correctly, this is because a per-project custom word list would be far more difficult to implement under MacOS, where the dictionary capability is provided by the OS. So while you could have it under Windows more easily, the minute you transferred such a project to MacOS or iOS, you’d lose those custom words. (There are many customers who use multiple platforms, so they have to think about these issues.)

Right now, at least the situation is consistent across platforms – all custom words are learned per computer or device and apply to all projects that are opened on that device.

Ironically this greatly hamstrings this product for fiction writers, or writers of any stripe. It basically means I have to compile and open my projects in another application to do spell-checking, or get used to juggling wordlist.ini files with batch files.

I’d hoped this would have been fixed or sorted out.