quick ref resizing

Hi, I tried searching for this in the tutorial but couldn’t find it; Does anyone know how to make the ref panel even narrower–there is a limit to wich I can resize it from the margins, which is not good enough for me to see what is in the editor as I need to drag the quick ref panel all the time.
Thank you so much if you know how to change that behavior!

By the Quick Ref panel do you mean the Inspector, or the floating Quick Reference windows?

If it’s the Inspector (the side bar on the right), then there’s a minimum width — you can’t make it any narrower beyond that. What you can do is toggle it on and off with cmd-opt-i, which can be helpful. You can also save various layouts (which you can set shortcuts for) using the Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts feature so you don’t have to manually change the Inspector width each time. (E.g. have two layouts, one with a wide and one with a narrow Inspector).

Or you can use the Quick Reference feature – there’s a drop down list in the window which allows you to see both the editor text and any of the Inspector panels – so you could hide the Inspector completely (cmd-opt-i), and just have the Quick Reference Panel open with say the Keywords or Snapshots pane showing.

I use both these techniques, depending on exactly it is I’m doing at the time.

Again, there is a minimum width for QR windows.


HTH, got it. Thank you for the explanation – I really meant the floating quick reference window.
I am basically following you: turning the inspector off and having two floating quick reference windows—which does really help.