Quick Reference and Layouts

Hi, two questions:

  1. Is there any way to have a file in the binder open as a Quick Reference panel without the editor focus changing? E.g. I have a Scrivenings view of Chapter 4 open in the editor. I want to check a detail from Chapter 2 and would like to have the chapter (or child document) open in a Quick Reference window. At the moment as far as I can see my options are to select the file in the binder (which of course switches the editor focus), press space bar and then press the back button in the editor to switch back to what I was working on. Alternatively I can right click (Ctrl->click) on the desired document and launch Quick Reference from the contextual menu. However, that still changes the editor window’s focus. Am I missing an option that launches Quick Ref while leaving the editor focus alone?

  2. A related question: I often use my Macbook Pro with an external monitor. When I have the Quick Reference window(s) that I want launched, I’ll arrange them on the external monitor while leaving the main Scriv window on the laptop. If I swipe between desktops on the laptop (to check email, etc), when I return to Scriv the Quick Ref windows have moved to the laptop and are now overlaying the main window. This is exactly what I don’t want! I want them on the external monitor so I can look at them while typing and don’t have to switc between windows. I’ve tried using a Layout, but it doesn’t preserve the window placement across two monitors if I switch desktops on the laptop.

Any help appreciated.

Ah, second question answered. I had the Quick Ref panels set to float, and that was causing the issue. Unchecking that option leaves them in place on the external monitor. Still wondering about the first question though.

Install the Quick Reference icon on the menu bar (View, Customize Toolbar), then just drag whatever file you want from the binder and drop it on that icon. The QR window pops up, and doesn’t change the editor focus.

Conversely, use “Lock in Place” on the editor, then when you right click in the binder it won’t change the text in the editor. There are shortcuts … I think I’ve only used it once in 10 years, so can’t tell you what they are, but I’d guess at Cmd-L, or something like that.


The shortcut (once you’ve got the editor locked in place) is Spacebar. Click on the file you want in the Binder, and hit Spacebar.

Thank you both for the suggestions, they both do exactly what I’m looking for. Much appreciated!

Oh, and I’ve just learned that the shortcut for Lock in Place is ⌥⌘L :smiley: