Quick Reference For Multiple Documents


This is my first post–I did a quick search on my suggestion but came up with nothing (although, truth be told, my search skills are poor). Forgive me if the request has already been posted.

What I have in mind is to be able, when selecting multiple text fragments in the Binder, to open them in Quick Reference and see a single long document, as I would in Scrivenings Mode–instead of having a dozen separate Quick Reference windows open, which is what happens now.

Thanks for considering my suggestion and thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to make Scrivener the incredible piece of software that it is!

I’ve had the same question. The couple of times I’ve wanted to do it, I’ve just copied (exported) all the relevant files into a temporary Word or PDF, reimported to Scrivener and there it is. A couple of steps, but not too bad. I assume there’s a technical reason why this is difficult. (Or we’re missing the easy way to do it.)

I don’t have a solution for cj’s problem, but I’m not sure I understand why David exports to an external word processor to copy and paste. Once you have your clips in Scrivenings view, you can simply hit Command-A (Select all), Command-C (copy) and then paste that into a new document (Command-N), which can then be opened as a Quick Reference.