Quick Reference: Hide formatting bar

I’m trying to hide the text formatting bar in the Quick Reference window (and ideally, the status bar in the footer of the window as well), so that all that I see is the text in the window, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I tried making the QR window the active window, then typing the keyboard shortcut for hiding the format bar, but that didn’t work.

Is it even possible to hide the bar in the QR window?


There is no way to hide the footer bar, it’s a part of the window, but you can toggle the format ruler with the same shortcut that toggles it in the main window, Shift-Cmd-R.

If the focus is in the QR window, you should also be able to select Format>Hide Format Bar from the regular menu and have that work as well (same as using the shortcut).

Turned out I had manually changed the ‘Shift-Cmd-R’ keyboard shortcut in my Mac’s keyboard preferences, so it wouldn’t hide the format bar. Once I changed it, everything worked as advertised. My bad :smiley:

Thanks for the help though!