Quick Reference panel: 2 Wishes

I remain a very satisfied new user of Scrivener. A real testament to its functionality and power in version 2.2 guise is that when I think of something I would like to do I can do it. There are a couple of exceptions, so these are on my wish list:

It would be great if the zoom function of the main editor window was replicated in the Quick Reference panel; and I would also love to be able to bring up the inspector notes pane in a Quick Reference panel :slight_smile:

Font zooming is available in QR panels, it just doesn’t have a visible control on account of there not being a lot of space for it. The keyboard shortcuts: Shift-Cmd-, and Shift-Cmd-. will work to decrease and increase zoom scale respectively. Additionally, if you prefer a certain zoom scale at all times, you should set that in the Editor preferences pane. Default text zoom, at the very top right will be honoured by QuickReference panels (you may need to reload the project to flush out any previously opened QR panels from memory as they can all have their own zoom settings overriding the preference).

Inspector notes: no problem. Just select “Notes” from the drop-down menu in the bottom right of the QR panels. Nearly every part of the Inspector is available here. Snapshots are the only thing you’ll need to the full editor for.

Thanks for your response, especially over the holiday period. The thing I am trying to do is to bring up the footnotes in their own floating window and then to zoom in to help legibility. If I follow your suggestion, I can bring up the QR window and then select the footnotes from the drop down menu at the bottom. However if I then zoom in with shift-command->, the zoom increases the size of the main text in the QR window, but not the footnotes text: this is the case even if I place the cursor in the notes pane of the QR window rather than the main pane. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Thanks for your help,

This is the case in the main window as well. Offline footnotes that are not embedded in the text won’t be zoomed in when you use that shortcut. If you wish to make these more legible in general, I would suggest changing the font size in the Formatting preferences pane. These are the options you need:

You can, as with the main text, change all of your footnotes to a different font and size later when you compile, so it’s no big deal to work in a font that is comfortable for you.

Thanks, that is what I have done. I still think it would be nice to add a zoom function to the notes pane in a future release, as there are pros and cons to having the note font larger. The advantage is that I can read it on the screen. The disadvantage is that not all the notes that correspond to the main text are visible on screen, as the larger font has pushed some of the notes off screen. So there are some scenarios in which a small notes font is desirable and others when a large font is desirable. The easiest way to achieve this would be to add a zoom function to the notes pane :slight_smile: will you give it to me as a new year’s present? :stuck_out_tongue: