Quick Reference Panel Disappearing

When I open a Quick Reference panel and then select a different app, e.g. Safari, the Quick Reference panel disappears. When I go back to the main Scrivener window, I can see the QR panel. Is there a way to stop the QR panel from disappearing while I use another app?

Windows > Float Quick Reference Panels (CMD OPT CTRL Q) keeps QR panels on top of the main Scrivener window, but there isn’t a setting to float QR panels over other apps.

With the QR panels floating over Scrivener, they are easier to get back to when using CMD TAB to switch between apps.

Thanks! I appreciate the tips! It is always good to learn another keyboard shortcut.

It sounds like you are needing the scratch pad more than the quick reference panel, although it’s hard to know exactly without knowing what you are hoping to do. But the scratch pad can float over other applications and facilitate note taking