Quick Reference Panels in Script Mode

Hello. I’ve got a very specific question regarding Quick Reference Panels (QRP). I use Scrivener in script mode as an outlining tool to map out a structure prior to exporting to Final Draft for writing. So I mainly use the corkboard and index card feature as this is far superior to FD’s own crap and very fiddly index card function. I save time by entering a scene element for each card/scene using the mini script editor that dutifully pops up in a floating QR panel when I select a card and press the space bar.
My problem is that the text in the panel is quite small for my failing vision. I can zoom the text so it’s easier to read but I then have to repeat this process for each and every card - there are hundreds!
So my question is…is it possible to set the same QRP view that would apply to all the cards in a project?
I don’t wish to increase the font size, just the size and zoom level of the window as each new panel defaults to weeny text.
Hope that’s clear. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

I see this question is 5 years old but I have a similar one…might just be a suggestion. I just put eight Quick Reference Panels up on my large screen and was in the process of making them all the same size so I could arrange a chapter (works better in this case than using index card synopses. I wondered if there was automatic same size option…like you can do in Scapple I think. Make sense?

Under the Editor preferences, you can set the default editor zoom. That will apply to new Quick Reference panels as well as the main editor. QR panels for previously opened documents will remember whatever zoom settings you used for that last, but if you’ve already set those, it shouldn’t much matter.