Quick Reference panels minimize to primary monitor, not to Scrivener window or monitor

I use dual monitors. Most of the time I have Scrivener on my primary monitor, but sometimes move it to my secondary monitor. If I have Quick Reference panels open and minimize them while Scrivener is on my secondary monitor, the QR panels minimize to the lower left corner of my primary monitor. For me, the most intuitive place for them to go when minimized would be the lower left corner of the Scrivener window itself, rather than the monitor. The second most intuitive place would be the lower left of whatever monitor Scrivener is active on. As it is, if I am working in Scrivener on my secondary monitor, I have to remember to look on my primary monitor to see if there are QR panels open, then move the mouse over to my primary monitor to open up the QR panels. This is awkward.

I only work in Windows, so don’t know if this is the same on Mac and therefore belongs in the Wishlist Forum instead of here. Sorry if it’s in the wrong place.