Quick Reference Panels


I’m trying to open a quick reference panel to contain all of my research documents - basically a quick reference panel of a ‘scrivening’ . So that I can write in composition mode with just one floating quick reference panel that has all my research in one place.

Is this possible at all?

I don’t think so, if I understand you correctly. A Quick Reference panel only ever works with one single item out of the binder at a time. It doesn’t have Scrivenings mode, corkboard or anything like that.

What might work for what you’re wanting to do is to use Project Bookmarks? If you click the little bookmark icon in the lower left corner of the Quick Reference panel, you can drag binder items into that list and then easily flip between them. This works fine in Composition mode as well.

Hi Amber,
it does sound like what i’m looking for doesn’t quite work - i’ll throw it into the suggestions forum. In the meantime I shall explore bookmarks as an option instead.

Thanks ever so!

There’s no need to write up a suggestion, as I’d be the one looking at it, and can tell you there are no plans to change how Quick References work in this regard. It was always deliberately designed to be a simple single-item text/media viewer and nothing more—never anything as complicated as what the project window provides.

Sorry that doesn’t work out for what you wanted though.