Quick Reference window appears without asking

This is an odd effect I’ve noticed a half dozen or so times recently without understanding at first what it was. This evening it occurred two more times with RC16.

What has preceded this event is always very similar. After working at a session for some time, life interferes and I get called away from the computer for an hour or more. When I come back, there on top of the main Scrivener window is a QR window with my most recent edit loaded.

The first time today, I had a split edit screen in the main window but the second time, I had been working in a single editor. I most certainly didn’t use any of the three methods explained in the manual for opeing a QR window. In any case, I never use QR windows which is why I didn’t know what happened the first time I experienced this strange effect.

Difficult to label this as a bug but it is certainly strange and unwanted although it doesn’t cause any apparent problem with the work.

Could it be that upon waking up the sleeping computer you trigger a random mouse/keyboard events that actually match the commands to open your document in a Quick Reference window?

I did wonder about that but I don’t see any keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener for opening a QR window - only the win+shift+Q to float one.

This desktop is set to blank screen after 30 mins and NEVER to go to sleep - I shut it down at end of day. When I get back to a blank screen, my usual practice is just to rattle the space bar on the keyboard and/or twiddle the ball on the track ball.

I’ll try and pay more attention in future.

The only way I know to open a QR window from the keyboard is to select the item in the binder press the spacebar (did you say something about using the spacebar to wake up your computer?)

Hey Micah – you got it. That’s really neat. If that is a documented shortcut, I couldn’t find it but it certainly makes getting a QR window really easy.

And if it bothers you that the QR windows are popping up, just try to remember to leave the focus anywhere but the binder when you walk away so that when you press the spacebar to wake up your computer you don’t pop them up.

Worst case when a QR window pops up because you left focus on the binder—if you’re as keyboard focused as I am—is to simply use one of the methods for closing a window (alt+f4, or—if, like me, you have a programmable keyboard that requires holding down the function key to tell your keyboard f4 means f4—you can press alt+space to bring up the context menu and then select close.)

You could also try to remember to press some other key (perhaps alt or ctrl) to wake up your computer. :slight_smile: