Quick Reference Window Font Color

Since the update to version 3.1.2 whenever I open a document in a quick reference window the font color is the same as the background, although it is supposed to be black, thus only visible when the text is selected. I’m using the dark mode option. Changing the text to any other color than black makes it visible again.

Screenshot: http://files.egler.me/PKg1wN

It looks like you may have been benefitting from buggy behaviour since the 3.1. release. Quick Reference panels adopt a dark look no matter what, and so the text colour will be drawn from the main editor’s dark text settings (which may be white, or close to it, depending on your theme).

The text was never supposed to be black, and therefore you should not have needed to changed your Quick Reference editor background preference to white instead of the dark grey that it was by default.

Thanks that was indeed what happened.