Quick Reference window stopped floating


I use Scrivener 3 on my iMac and MacBook Air (with Big Sur), and unfortunately the Quick Reference Window has stopped working properly on my iMac (but it’s still working correctly on my MacBook Air).

Before, I could press the space bar on my keyboard and whatever document I selected in the binder would float in a window to the right of the editor, but now it only opens in full screen.

‘Float Quick Reference Panels’ is ticked under ‘Window’. I’ve unticked it and re-selected it. I’ve also tried restarting my iMac but the problem is persisting.

I’d love to get this fixed because it’s a hugely helpful feature!

I’m not clear on this excerpt:

If you mean the Quick Reference (QR) window itself will only open in full screen, have you tried resizing the QR window? The QR window remembers its last used size when it’s reopened.

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That worked :slight_smile: I just resized it and Scrivener remembered. I don’t think I ever opened it in full screen in the first place, but perhaps I did.
Thanks for your help!

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