Quick Reference Window Switches Desktops

I use the Quick Reference window to collect research. I have Scrivener set to Desktop 4, and that is where I like to have the Quick Reference window also.

However, if I am on another Desktop and I “Command-Tab” to switch to Scrivener, it moves the Quick Reference window to my current desktop. I then have to drag it back to Desktop 4.

I am using Scrivener 3.01 on macOS 10.13.3

It sounds like you’re referring to the usage of macOS’ Full Screen mode, which alas wasn’t really designed for multi-window usage of any sort. That Quick Reference panels can appear on the same desktop at all is exceptional; that there are a few odd corners with that approach, like this, is expected.

Now what I really wish is that Apple would make a full screen mode that doesn’t assume one wants to create a whole separate virtual desktop for the one window. They kind of have that now by hiding the menu bar and dock in preferences—but that’s not a good solution if you want just one window to fill the screen and still be able to multitask over and under that window.

No, I am not in Full Screen Mode.

I have Four Desktops—Scrivener is set to Desktop 4. I have other research and writing apps in Desktop 4 as well (it is my work desktop),

I will open a Quick Reference panel and put it on the left side on Desktop 4, so I can use other research apps (e.g., Foxtrot Professional Search, Logos Bible Software, etc.) on the right side.

But then when I go to another Desktop, say Desktop 2 where iTunes lives, and then Command-Tab back to Scrivener, instead of switching to Desktop 4, it moves the Quick Reference panel back to Desktop 2.

In that case do you have them set to float? I think floating windows must follow around to the current desktop when switching back to the software they came from. If I have floating turned off, then they act like normal windows and stick to where I leave them.

No, they are not set to “float”

Okay, I see what you’re referring to. We’ll take a look at it, but it might not be an easy thing to fix given much of this is down to how the window manager works.

Thanks for checking into it!
I just started using Scrivener a few months ago and I am loving it.

All right, the behaviour will be optimised in the upcoming 3.0.2 maintenance release.

The problem is that we implemented a workaround for the aforementioned Full Screen mode—basically it is a messy way of trying to force Scrivener to get its Quick Reference panels back into the Full Screen they came from, since as I mentioned that doesn’t happen natively. That’s why I was confused at first, since the description sounded like how all of that has to work.

Well, turns out the method was being used everywhere even when you don’t use full screen. :slight_smile: There will be a trigger now that requires the use of Full Screen for a window, before the behaviour is made use of.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the software, and welcome to the forum!

Wow…that was fast. Thank You!