Quick Reference Window

I saw mention of a “Quick Reference Window” in the “Tip of the Day”.

I searched for it in the tutorial and didn’t find any discussion of it there.

Is this possibly a “Mac only” element? If so, does that mean that Tweet Tips are “Mac” specific?

The QuickReference window is Mac-only at the moment, yes. Facebook and Twitter tips are for the Mac version presently, although some of it does of course relate to the Windows version too. Once the Windows version is officially released, we’ll probably do one of each (Mac and Windows) or else, for tips that apply to both, provide the OS-specific information as part of the tip (if menu paths are different, for instance). Right now, while the Windows version is still in development and things are changing and not all features are present, it’s a little difficult to keep on top of where things are at especially since David, who does the tips, is more involved with the Mac version. But the tips have been really popular with Mac uses, so it’d be nice to get something going for Windows users as well once the program’s more stable.

Thank you so much for your prompt and clear reply!