Quick Reference Windows disappear

I run Scrivener full screen in an iMac 5K. The system also has a Thunderbolt wing monitor. Sometimes the quick reference window gets ‘stuck’ behind Scrivener. I have it set to float, which I thought was supposed to keep it in front, but it keeps jumping behind Scrivener so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

When I open a Quick Reference window it doesn’t appear unless I flick the full screen view of Scrivener off to the main screen, then back.

Once I have it, if I go to the wing monitor and flick it to bring my Aeon Timeline (or any other full screen app) into view, the quick reference window that was floating on top of Scrivener disappears. I have to flick Scrivener sideways and back to get to return. When it does return, it’s out of position to the lower left and I have to drag it back to where I originally had it.

Is there someway to get the Quick Reference windows to stay where I put them on top of the scrivener window? A setting I’m missing?

It’s disconcerting to have them jumping out of sight all the time. They are a remarkably useful feature, but very high maintenance.


What system are you running (it says your platform is Windows? Seems a shame to run that on a 5K iMac! :open_mouth: ).
Since upgrading to El Capitan (OS X 10.11), I’ve noticed similar behaviour with Quick Reference windows.
For me, I need to flick to another desktop (or full-screen app) to see new QR windows, but they will stay thereafter (they don’t move to the lower left of the screen on my system).

I have licenses for both the Windows and the OS X version. I modified my profile to show Mac + Windows.

I bought the 5K to run the OS X version of Scrivener. I’m running OS 10.11, or whatever the latest update is. Since I brought the 5K home and transferred the HD contents off the PCs, they have been turned off.

The lower left behavior has stopped, so it might have been a one time thing.

Are you using a second monitor? All my issues start with a click anyplace on the second monitor.

The QR window stays as long as I don’t do anything on the second, wing, monitor. The 5K is in front of me, the Thunderbolt is to my right. If I do anything on the win monitor, click on it anywhere, for any reason, the QuickReference on Scrivener on the 5K monitor disappears. To get it back I have to flick the full screen Scrivener off and back.

I think that might be a bug in Scrivener, or perhaps a flaw in OS X. I didn’t use QuickReference Windows until recently. I don’t remember if I used them before the 10.11 upgrade. If I did, this behavior didn’t come to my attention, and I think it would have. (Scrivener is a big onion with a lot of layers to explore - It reminds me of learning to use Lotus 123 back in the day. I only peel them as I need them.)

If take Scrivener out of FS mode on the 5K monitor, drag it to the wing monitor, and go back to full screen, the QR panel vanishes, never to return unless either drag the QR window to the wing monitor at the same time I drag Scrivener there, or I completely quit scrivener and restart it. If I do that, and restart Scrivener, it will act, on the wing monitor, just like it acts on the 5K monitor.

It is repeatable and predictable, so I can live with it, but it’s a bother when I’m trying to copy and paste stuff from the wing monitor into a QR window in Scrivener.


I’m getting the same behaviour with the same set up with two monitors.

Full screen and QR panel on one monitor, click on the other monitor and the QR panel disappears until another program gets the focus on that monitor (I think).

El Cap 10.11.0, Scrivener 2.7.

sometimes the Quick Reference window will go away and not come back unless I quit Scrivener and restart it. Then Scrivener sometimes doesn’t come back on the same monitor where it was when I quit, it comes back on the other one. I haven’t figured out what set of conditions makes this happen. There are so many variables.

Scrivener doesn’t even have to be full screen, it suffers from vanishing QR windows when it isn’t in full screen mode if I click anyplace on the second monitor.

The bottom line is that while the Quick Reference windows are a huge feature, their behavior is quixotic, at best, on an iMac (what I have, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem happened on any OS X machine running two monitors) with two monitors running the latest release of OS X.

Okay, back to writing.


I don’t have 2 monitors (sadly). However, you could try this to get a missing QR panel back: click on Window (in the menu bar) – the missing QR panel should be listed and clicking on it brings it back. So far, this reliably works for me every time (at least on my single screen setup).

Sometimes toggling Float QuickReference Panels (either via the menu or Ctrl-Cmd-Q) will work, although I haven’t played with it enough to work out under what conditions it doesn’t work.