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I’m finding that I’m better off either hiding or hoisting the binder to focus just on the section/chapter I’m working. Still, I need to consult what I wrote in other fragments. Quick reference is very useful. But… getting to the fragment is a bit cumbersome since I have to go through a long hierarchy of commands: view/quick reference/draft/part/chapter/section/fragment. And I may not be totally sure what’s the fragment I’m looking for. Project search and the binder are awesome, but for a quick reference to a document they don’t work that well because every time you right-click it changes the behavior in the Editor window.

So here’s my wish… I think it’d be useful to add an optional panel to the Quick Reference widget that:

  1. shows the binder by default
  2. has a search box on top/bottom
  3. that upon typing a search displays Project Search results
  4. that upon clicking on a document in the search/binder pane it displays it in the Quick Reference window.

I think it’d be a nice feature to think on. Or maybe there’s another way of doing this that I’m totally missing…


You could use the new synopsis finder for this. Just open the synopsis finder from the toolbar, or via the Edit > Find menu, then start typing either the title or something in the synopsis of the document you want to find. Select the document in the list of results and hit space to open it in a QR panel.

Reproducing the entire binder in each QR panel isn’t really an option. It would be a massive job and would increase complexity, essentially reproducing the main window in QR windows, which defeats their purpose.

Another way is to lock the editor before searching in the main window, of course, so that selecting search results doesn’t affect what’s in the editor.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the prompt answer and, yes, find synopsis helps, and hitting space bar is natural, as this is how quick look works.

(On locking the editors: I have my layout setup is that I have the outliner as one editor and I have the text in the other pane. Actually that’s why I find the project search or binder distracting for quick reference stuff, it changes the layout and dazzles me a bit.)

I understand that implementing the binder/search in the quick reference window is not an option. Would it be possible to make Project Search run in a separate window like Synopsis search?


Not really - that would have the same problem, and separating it out would ruin the whole collections set-up and the way search and collections operate just as easily as the binder.

Perhaps another solution - my end - would be to assign the contents of the View > QuickReference menu unique names, e.g. “Open [Filename}” rather than just “[Filename]”. That way you could just type “Open [Filename]” into the Help menu search field, hit enter, and you’re away…

Thanks for thinking about it. It’s not a big deal. And, I don’t know, it would feel ugly to have “Open” added to each item in the QR submenu. I can achieve what I want by going back to the binder instead of the outline and using the second editor to quickly browse through the binder or the search results. It should be easy to switch from one layout to the other.