Quick Reference


I saw in a Joseph Michael’s Webinar that one can have the QuickReference window open in full-screen mode. However, I have looked everywhere yesterday in my Scrivener software and I couldn’t find the way to make it appear! I have the Inspector window, but no QuickReference where I can see pictures, files from my Research binder, character profiles, etc.

It would be so useful to me as I’m writing a novel and need such information at hand.

So, how can I get the QuickReference window in full-screen mode?

Thank you very much!

This seems to be a conflict with floating the quick reference panels and fullscreen mode (at least on the Mac).

If I have both “Float QuickReference Panels” enabled and I am in Fullscreen mode, the QuickReference Panels are not displayed.
If I turn off “Float QuickReference Panels” then the panels appear.
If I am not in Fullscreen mode then the panels appear.