Quick Search Broken in Locked Scrivenings Session

Open draft in scrivenings mode. Lock it. Use Quick Search to find something in the project in any document but the one with focus.

Result: Nothing happens.

Expected: Scroll to scrivening into view

Pressing F3 after hitting enter on the result does nothing either.

Thanks, I can confirm that is not working as intended. When using Quick Search to locate something that is found within the scrivenings session, then it should scroll the session to the targeted item, whether the view is locked or not.

If the view is locked, then targeting something outside the session should work as well, and it should break the lock. It should in other words work just like using the Navigate ▸ Go To ▸ submenu.

The general rule of thumb is that if you intentionally navigate the editor, the Lock in Place feature will not prohibit you from doing so. It is mainly to avoid semi-automatic navigation, such as clicking in the binder.