Quick search doesn't find in document notes

Project Search does find text in notes (if you check the option) with not Quick Search

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature ?

That is by design. In fact the Quick Search tool is mainly intended to look up items by Title alone, but it will also look in synopses and the main text area if nothing is found there. Project Search remains the best tool for comprehensive searching. Quick Search is meant more as a navigation tool—and notes will rarely be of interest in that kind of action.

ok thanks. I like project search, the problem is each time I access it, the “compose window” gets closed so I have to re-open it again. I’ve reported that bug in “Search by formatting only works in Compose window”, it was supposedly fixed but the fix doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:

But Quick Search wouldn’t work from Composition Mode either (though I could see an argument for it using the floating mode it does, when the toolbar is hidden).

Do you mean Full Screen by chance? Neither Project Search, Quick Search nor Find by Formatting should be bumping you out of that mode though. Indeed they don’t seem to be impacting it on my system (but I am still using 10.12).

What is the precise reproduction I should be doing (probably along with any settings you use that might be of impact, such as which options you use in the Appearance: Full Screen (or Composition Mode as the case may be)?

Hey Amber,

I put my main window in Composition mode all the time, with the toolbar hidden, with my outliner inside. In addition, I open a Full Screen document on a separate space (with the “Open composition mode in its own space” option checked), to have another big fullscreen space to write alongside the outliner.

In this configuration, whenever I Project Search, it opens the colum on the left with search results, which weirdly closes my Full Screen document…

I’m on Scrivener 3.1.3 (11945), on the latest Mojave (10.14.5)

Hmm, I’m not actually sure what kind of setup you have! :slight_smile: I think there is some confusion of terms:

  • Composition Mode: View ▸ Enter Composition Mode is a pure text editing environment. You can’t have an outliner in there because it only edits text.
  • Full Screen: a macOS feature that expands the primary window to fill the screen and moves the whole thing to another virtual desktop, upon which no other software is allowed to enter.

That aside, there are some issues with using a space for both Composition Mode and Full Screen at once. We’ve looked into these reports, and most things not fixed are just down to how macOS works with spaces. It’s a bit of a black box that we only have limited control over.

Not to say this problem cannot be fixed, but I’d probably have to get 10.14 running to see this—because that’s exactly the kind of factor that might change how Full Screen works, since it is an OS level feature. I’ll check it out once I can.

In the meanwhile, there seems to be a crucial missing ingredient perhaps: are you using two physical monitors? Because I tried the setting you use, to open Composition Mode on a separate space (meaning there are two of them that I’d have to switch back and forth between, which stretches the definition of “alongside”). In that setup, with one monitor, I don’t see Project Search cancelling Composition Mode. But again, that’s 10.12, so who knows what Apple has changed since then.

sorry I mixed up Composition mode and Full Screen

I think you emulated my setup correctly: my main window is Full Screen with the outliner inside, and I open a “notes” document in Composition Mode on a separate space. I switch between the two using four finger swipes, as is standard in MacOS (that’s what I call “alongside” - it’s not alongside inside one screen…)
I use it on a macbook with no external monitor…

it’s strange project search doesn’t cancel your composition mode space for you. I do it all the time, just did it now, and it does make my composition space disappear right away as the project search column appears on the left — even if I open the composition space again while the project search is active, and modify the project search text by just one character, it cancels my composition space again

might be themes, or 10.14… thanks for helping!

Okay, good to know we are on the same page. I’ll let you know what I find on 10.14.

There it is! 10.14 and with your setup, when I call upon project search the composition mode in the other Space closes. I guess we’re back to the drawing board on that one; thanks for the head’s up.

sure! thanks