Quick search error

When I search for a word in a document, the row of text where the word appears, displays at the top, but the row of text in the document is not highlighted, making the search near useless.

L&L: It appears to be only the Quick Search that is not highlighting the found word/phrase. Find and Project Search seem to work as expected. This is in RC17.

Will Quick Search be corrected anytime soon?

The Quick Search is not a document search and is not expected to highlight anything in the current editor. Quick Search searches the whole project and not only the main text. Mac also does not highlight any match within the editors.

If you need to highlight your match in the current editor document use the Binder Project Search functionality. The Binder search edit field will appear after pressing the search icon in the toolbar.

In retrospect, we should have perhaps called this feature “Quick Open” or something along those lines, as that is really more its design focus—it’s more like clicking on something in the binder (or if you drag an item out of the result list, like dragging from the binder). The fact that you got to that point by typing in a little bit of its title is inconsequential to the action.

And consider then, if it is being used in that fashion instead of as a weaker (and somewhat redundant in that case) project search tool, how annoying it would be to flip back and forth between a few items you’re working on, and have your last cursor position lost every time you did so.