Quick Search fails to find 'kilometers' in text

«Nonsense!» Idea Joiner displayed. «If such a device existed, it would have to be kilometers on a side, to hold all the knowledge required.»

This sentence is in one of my scenes. When I search for ‘kilometers’ from the Quick Search field, other uses of ‘kilometers’ are found, but not this one. I can find it by using Quick Search for ‘on a side’. I have checked my spelling very carefully. I have also deleted the entire phrase and re-typed it, in case there were some invisible characters in it.

In an unrelated note, I am posting this as a reply because I cannot find any way to create a new post. AFAIK I am a regular user, logged in to this site. Also, I did post something months ago, but I don’t remember how I did it.

Hi David,

You need to be viewing a sub-forum before the big red New Topic button is displayed.

So, to post your question, you would have gone to the Board Index, and then selected the Bug Hunt (Mac) sub-forum.


Finally, press on the New Topic button in the upper left, and you’re in business.


I’ve split this off to a new topic for you.

Quick Search has a limit on how many results it displays. Perhaps there are enough instances of this particular word in your project to keep it off of the list. It primarily sorts based on the binder order (there are other factors, but they mainly impact direct title matches), so one way you could test to see whether there was a problem finding this word specifically, by temporarily moving the file to the very top of the binder.

And of course, in general if you’re wanting to find everything with ‘kilometer’ in it, Project Search will be the better tool for the job.

Got it, thanks!