Quick search for .scrformat files

Hi AmberV,

As a quick followup, I did a quick search for .scrformat files and found just one file that contained some code that I recognize, e.g. the LaTeX (Memoir Book).scrformat file that contains the Arara code from my LaTeX (Memoir Book) > Project Formats > Text Layout:

Aside from the Arara code, however, there was little else within the (presumably) XML file that I could recognize.

What little I understand of Apple’s file structure, I am of the understanding that much of the file structure is hidden (as opposed to Windows where most everything is visible and can be searched), presumable as a way to simplify the file structure within the Finder. To the extent this is true, I would not expect to find much in the way of other Scrivener .scrformat files using the Apple Finder.

Given the lack of a straightforward way to retrieve the Scrivener Style code directly from the Scrivener files, I’ve proceeded to cut-and-paste a summary sheet of all of my Scrivener Style code.

Thanks for the insight into Scrivener’s Style file structure,

P.S. The message board came up with a message stating that after my third response to you on this issue, perhaps it would be a good idea to switch my post to a private message. I thought that might be a good idea to avoid cluttering up the main message board with such a unique response to my original posting. Thanks for all your help!

Not really true.

Scrivener puts their stuff into macOS “packages”. Lots of articles on 'net to explain, e.g. Package (macOS) - Wikipedia

Use Finder on the “package” with the command “Show Package Contents” and search.

Remember: don’t mess with the files in the Scrivener packages unless you know exactly what you are doing as might corrupt things. But they are your files so do as you want.

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Hi rms,

Did I mess up and end up posting on main message board instead. My bad!

Thanks for the tip … as much as I’d like to document my Styles files, I’ve NO intention of opening that Pandora’s box and messing up my years of work on Scrivener.

Thanks for the Package (macOS) - Wikipedia tip … and how to open the “package” with the command “Show Package Contents” and search … although it will likely be some time before I’m brave enough to start that exploration …

Thanks again,

Make a backup first, and explore the backup. Then you can play to your heart’s content without damaging the original.