Quick search from word frequency list

It should go without saying that, from this point on, all of my ideas are for future consideration.

In document statistics, when viewing word frequency, it would be handy if double-clicking on a row dismissed the dialogue and initiated a QuickSearch for that word in the project, optionally pre-selecting the document from which the statistics panel originated from, if that were possible. The reason for using QuickSearch instead of a step through search would be the advantage of highlighting. Another reason is that the document statistics might have been called from an Edit Scrivenings section, and relevant to more than one document (and thus in that case no pre-selection would occur). Additionally, if one is searching for a problem word that is used too frequently, it might be handy to get an idea of just how often it is used in the scope of the Draft too, not just the current document.

For things like this I’m going to wait until after Leopard before even thinking about thinking them. :slight_smile: Reason being that I built the word frequency panel into the text view itself (that is, my own custom version of Apple’s text view). I want to see what Apple add to the text view (and general text engine) in Leopard before thinking about atying like this.