Quick Search Result Opens Lock Screen

If I’ve lock one of the editors, do a quick search, and click on the result, it will go into the locked screen [presuming it’s the one I’ve set for the binder to "affect].
I’m using OS 10.13.1.
BTW: Love the Quick Search feature…

There are a few navigational options that will override the lock. The lock is generally to guard against accidental navigation (navigating through the binder, for instance). Navigation actions where the user is clearly intending to open something in the locked editor will override the lock. For instance, while clicking an item in the binder won’t affect the lock (as you would expect), dragging a document from the binder into the locked header bar will override the lock. Currently, the Quick Search also overrides this since it’s a deliberate action and otherwise it would do nothing.

Glad you’re liking Quick Search!

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