Quick Spelling Correction

Often I make a small typo, such as exspansion. It obviously flags it right away, but in order to correct it I have to switch to the mouse, right click and then either click or type the first letter of the correct result and hit enter.

This takes too long.

Is it possible to have either (1) an option to automatically change misspelled words to the corrected result if there is only one corrected result or (2) make a key shortcut that replaces any misspelled word that the cursor is in with the first correction in the list?

Thanks for your consideration.

I just tried correcting that error, and the time involved was nil.

Perhaps you could wait and run a spelling check at intervals?

Or else type more accurately?

I type fairly accurately but still in a ten minute period there will certainly be the occasional error (I probably have 5 or 6 at least in that time). When you’re typing, any time you need to use the mouse is wasted in my opinion. I set up some TextExpander features for common mistakes like teh but there’s only so much you can do that way.

I think a key combo that automatically finds the most recent underlined word (typo) and corrects it to the most probable word would be very useful. But I don’t know how feasible it is to code.

What happens when this auto-correct feature picks the wrong (but still correctly-spelled) word? That would make proofing your document extra difficult, no? Sorry, I love my Mac, but I don’t want it choosing my words.

Standard OS X text features such as spell-checking and correction will not be modified by Scrivener. If you really dislike it, tell Apple, at bugreport.apple.com. :slight_smile:

This is not meant to be facetious, just a fact of development.

All the best,

It’s not really “modifying” any more than implementing style manager shortcuts for Screenplay, etc. but I get the point :smiley:

Personally, I’ve found that autocorrect leads me to have worse typing skills - I was constantly typing ‘teh’ and ‘adn’ until about two weeks after I turned autocorrect off.

If you don’t want to switch to the mouse to correct a word you’ve just typed, you can use the text navigation keyboard shortcuts - opt-backarrow jumps back by one word, add shift to that and it hilights in one-word jumps…

Nothing I’m aware of will jump by partial words. But if your problem is a simple letter transposition you can type ctrl-T to swap the letters on either side of your cursor… :slight_smile:

Or, just turn off automatic spell checking and blast away. That is, afterall, what a first draft is for. Why be bothered about an errant ‘teh’ when you have more important things to do, like getting out the brilliant phrase that is about to disappear.

For me, I do my writing in full-screen mode with spell-check off. Then, at the end of each session, I’ll come back to normal screen to do a quick grammar and spell check on what I’ve just written. I find that is what works best for me in terms of keeping up my flow without it getting broken by something so simple as a typo.

Firstly - what a great app!

I’d like to chime in hear and say that having used PCs to write for a long time, I loved the ability to keep my fingers on the keyboard, and not have to keep grabbing a mouse to invoke command menus.

Most (not all) PC keyboards have a (RMB) key somewhere - usually on the right.

The zen of correcting documents is a entirely up to you. But if you are suffreing from RSI, or other disablities - using the keyboard is sometimes your only option.

If anyone knows a keyboard commmand to do this?

Or get yourself one of those abbreviation-expanding apps, like text(ex)pander. The latter can important a file of frequently mispelled words and auto-correct them for you as you type. I also add words, which I know I frequently mistype to the database (e.g. mispelled = misspelled) and it works great. I’m not sure how this will influence my future spelling-skills, but for getting your thoughts on paper quickly, the right-click+correct is just plain inefficient. Amber’s suggestion is good too though.

Note that the textexpander-app costs like 30 bucks now (way too expensive), though it’s predecessor (without the ‘ex’) was free and is the one I use. I’m not sure if that can still be found somewhere. There are also one or two other similar apps floating around.

Just to clarify - I don’t want to the be auto-corrected, just find a means of get ting a command menu pop up with a keystroke - rather than a mouse.


Yeah, I’d also like something like that. I don’t know why there isn’t a keystroke for that already.

Well, that’s fantastic - for auto completion.

Would that you could also use a similar keycommand do pull up the list of suggested spellings

Spell catcher is a bit OTT for $40 - and it look like it just needs to be hooked up to work like the ‘Complete’ feature

Boy, I’d love to see this added. :laughing:

Well, that’s fantastic - for auto completion.

Would that you could also use a similar keycommand do pull up the list of suggested spellings

Spell catcher is a bit OTT for $40 - and it look like it just needs to be hooked up to work like the ‘Complete’ feature

Boy, I’d love to see this added. :laughing:

Visit bugreport.apple.com - there you can file enhancement requests for the OS X text system, which is what Scrivener uses.


A reasonable request, considering the functionality of Complete.

I write for a living, and know little about submitting bug reports.

If I had time, I guess I could.

Out of interst, would this be a osx feature that you consider important for application?

Best wishes.

As I understand it, the request is for a keystroke that brings up contextual menus. I think if this were to be implemented, it would have to be implemented by Apple as it would need to apply to all views in any application. If a lone developer tried to implement it, it would mean adding a hook to a lot of pieces of code, and it would not be pretty. It should happen at the system level, which is why I suggest asking Apple for this. Really, you want a keystroke to mimic a mouse button press, which could potentially be dangerous (as it means intercepting keyboard/mouse input).

Thanks for that.

It’s certainly not a ‘deal breaker’ for me, anyway!