Quick suggestion: Hoist Binder in contextual menu in Binder

Hi. Just a quick suggestion:

It’d be nice if Hoist Binder were a menu option when right-clicking on a folder in the Binder. It seems to me that’s the natural place for it.

I’ve always assigned a keyboard shortcut to this command, as documented in appendix A.1, pg. 656. I wouldn’t disagree with you in theory, but we’re probably at the point in that menu where adding one thing would mean removing one that is already there—it’s pretty full, and we’ve already removed one feature from it that some people consider essential to have here: emptying the trash.

I think it could go under “Ungroup.”

But creating a keyboard shortcut does work as an alternative solution.

That’s it. I use the ‘un/hoist binder’ function CONSTANTLY, so including it in the Binder’s contextual menu would be Really Helpful. The whole menubar > View > Outline > Hoist binder interaction is a constant distraction. Thanks!


You could set-up a shortcut to your taste ?

Or… in macOS → System settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts

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Sorry, I should’ve specified MacOS — but thanks for taking the time. :+1:t3:

You did.

I just wanted to show that it can be assigned a shortcut.

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I tried that long ago and, for reasons I don’t understand, found that it doesn’t work. Maybe because the menu item changes based on the un/hoist state? Whatever the case, it hasn’t worked through multiple MacOS major releases. And, FWIW, under Ventura 13.0, I just deleted my old shortcut and remade it — no joy. But thanks to you as well for your reply. :+1:t3:

The Windows version has this:


Perhaps it is the same for Mac and you simply didn’t notice ?

In which case if the shortcut works for hoisting (nevermind un-hoisting), well then you won’t have to navigate the menus no more.

Works just fine for me (on Ventura) and toggles the hoisting on / off. Make sure that you enter the menu item(s) exactly as seen in the Scrivener menu and also keep in mind that other apps could interfere with the shortcut of your choice.

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Hard to be certain, but I poked around quite a bit and didn’t see anything like that in the MacOS version. I think the simplest solution would be for L&L to either include it in the Binder’s contextual menus, or at least offer an option to do so.

Interesting. Assigning it to a function key works where assigning it to a non-function key chord didn’t work. So: (1) MANY thanks! And (2) I still wish L&L would just add it to the Binder contextual menu. It seems like this kind of ‘focus’ change (I mean generally, not technically which window/pane/field gets the input) would be something people would do pretty often. :+1:t3:

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Just curious: Which one did you try that didn’t work?

Most recently ^H (for Hoist Binder) and ^-shift-H (for Unhoist Binder) — because the wording of the submenu changes based on the un/hoisted state, which as you mentioned is key. It’s worth noting that I do use the System Prefs (now System Settings under Ventura) assign key commands pretty regularly, and it usually works — not always, though.

That’s going to clash with macOS’s delete character (left of the caret). See also: Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support

I use Ctrl-H as a toggle for Chinese character style… no problem with deleting!



I can’t explain that. I tend to avoid such shortcuts (if I’m aware of them), because they can be a real pain in… you know to “debug”.

I’ve merged this request with an existing thread for the same thing. If you scroll up you’ll find the original response, but in short: there are a lot of little things terribly important to some people, and we can’t add all of these things to the menu. We have to choose what is most commonly used and requested, or most difficult to do otherwise (like bulk metadata changes). At a certain point, which we feel we are already at, there is a threshold where convenience starts to drop back down to main menu usage, because so many options are available.