Quick switching of fullscreen mode background


I would love to have a way to quickly change the background image/color in fullscreen mode - without having to exit fullscreen mode. The scenario: Writing a scene that has a change in location/tone in it.

I really like to set a mood with a fitting background picture (btw.: it should be more easy to set one up that doesn’t get tiled or zoomed when it is not fitting properly; currently the file needs to have the correct dpi (72 I think) and must be of sufficient size to be handled as a proper fullscreen background. I know, that I am abusing something originally intended to set up a pattern - but setting an image instead can be very poweful). Having to exit fullscreen mode, enter options and then going trough the whole process just yanks me out of my flow.

How about a user preset list, that can be accessed in fullscreen mode? Even to be able to toggle through the preset list via keyboard shortcuts and/or a small control down in the fullscreen options bar would be a great improvement.

Thanks a lot!


This would be interesting. Maybe even a way to link specific fullscreen images to specific scene documents, so it automatically changes when you move to another document?

Some sort of slide show would be nice, as well.

That would be a great feature. Also, it would be very useful if the Windows version had the ability to fade the text box out and the background image in, just like the mac version. In fact, this is one of the main reasons I was attracted to the software and when I realised it was a mac only feature I was rather disappointed!