Quick Time Audio in AAC format/ and german localisation

Hi I´m a newbie of Scrivener 1.0 from Germany having two questions:

  1. Are Quick time Audio files only played when they are in .aif or is ist possible to play AAC files also (I tried it, but it doesn´t work).

  2. Will there be a german localisation of Scrivener?

Thanks in advance and congratulation to this fine piece of software.


I had no problems using AAC with Scrivener – I even tried using an encrypted file from the iTunes store. MP3 worked, too. I think anything that works with Quicktime should in theory work.

Localisations are on the schedule, and German is definitely on the list. Keith wanted to get the primary application out first, and then put some thought into how it should be done. There are volunteers for quite a number of languages already.

fine, then I try again with AAC until it works.