Quick Time Slider aand time code

Hi, I wish in an future version it would be possible, that when I use the slider in Quick Time I see directly where I´m moving. At the moment for example, I´m in a Quick Time Audio at position 02:10:30. Then I forward the slider with my cursor, but it is not possible to see where I´m going in time, because although the slider moves forward the time code ist standing still. It shows the time I´d moved to when I stop sliding, say 02:11:00.

When I try to go exactly to this position, it´s alittle bit difficult. It would be nicer, when I see in real-time at which position the slider is.

Sorry, my englisch, I´m german.


I am pretty sure that this is something that needs to be brought to Apple’s attention. Scrivener is just embedding their tool for viewing media.

Yes, this came up before, I believe, at my request many months back. It is indeed a limitation of Apple’s video viewing tools. Keith did look into this at that time and we concluded, if I remember correctly, that there wasn’t much he could do with this.

Yes, I agree this isn’t perfect. I did everything I could using all of the sample QuickTime framework code available on the Apple and coding sites. When I find a better solution, you can bet I will use it. Unfortunately, for now, this is all that has been made public by Apple.

Dear Keith and the others,

thanks for your reply. There are things in life we have to live with. But with such a nice pice of software it so not so bad to live and work.