Quick Way To Print or Copy a Collection?

If I’m viewing a collection, such as one that includes all the scenes from a particular subplot, is there any way to print that to a PDF, or copy and paste the whole thing.

I realize that I can deselect all the “Includes” in the Compile dialog, then open the collection and go through and check all the "Include in Compile"s one by one, but is there a faster way?

I’m not suggesting this as a feature. I just want to make sure I’m not missing it if it exists already.

Hello Al,
Why go through all deselecting includes ect? There is the option in compile to just select the collection of your choice. Click the blue arrow in the compile menu to open it and see the box which usually defaults to manuscript. Click it and choose your collection.

And if you mean that you’re having to change Include checkboxes because these items are ordinarily excluded (and presumably you wish them to remain so), note that in the Contents compile pane, along the bottom of the main contents list, you can flip the logic on these checkboxes, or disregard them entirely. Setting this to export “All” content is likely what you want.

But otherwise, yes, just choose the collection you wish to print from the drop-down menu at the top of the Contents list.

That’s just what I wanted, thanks.