Quicker highlight colour selection

One feature that I am finding slightly clumsy to use is the highlighter. The actual application is obviously simple enough – it is the process of selecting a colour which is more of a trouble. The tool makes the assumption that you will always prefer the last colour used, which comes in handy in some cases, and a pain in others.

I propose a simple (from the user side, anyway) UI addition to solve this. Upon pressing Cmd-Shift-H, Scrivener will silently wait for the input of a single digit. If the cursor is moved; document clicked on; or any other action, this wait will disable. While it is on, if you press ‘1’, you’ll get the light yellow/green colour. If you press ‘2’ you’ll get orange – and so on. I can think of no reason why anyone would wish to select some text, highlight, and then replace the selection with a digit.

Should this happen when using the toolbar icon or menu? I feel not, since both of these avenues allow (near) instant access to all available colours.

Scrivener 2.0 – a little tooltip type thing, like Dreamweaver’s code completion, pops up to allow mouse access to each colour, and a number legend. As with Dreamweaver, any further typing or mouse usage dismisses popup.

This would actually be a lot harder to implement than you think - I would need to override deep-level input code, which is not good. :slight_smile: What about just numered keyboard shortcuts for each colour? Might have used them all, though. Suggest some keyboard shortcuts that will make sense… :slight_smile:

I was afraid of that. Such shortcut key chaining is quite common on other UNIXy systems, but I have never seen it in a Cocoa or Carbon Mac application.

Actually, just using numbers is a good idea. Do you think it would be too confusing to just re-use 1-5, only with the Cmd-Shift modifiers instead? This is not altogether too uncommon, especially amongst image management applications. One nice thing is that all five colours can be executed with the left hand by itself.

The trouble is that cmd-shift-3 is already used by the system for something - it makes a snapshot-style sound when you hit it…

Indeed, and it looks like Cmd-Shift-1 and 4 are also used for various screen grab modes. They make camera sounds on completion, too. 3 must be doing something likewise – perhaps to the clipboard?

Well, so much for that, which is too bad since they would be consistent with Cmd-Shift-H. Well, one itty pinky finger down is Cmd-Ctrl. `Tis a little more strain on the wrist for ‘5’ than is comfortable, so it would require leaving the home row with the right hand, too.

How about the control-key plus a number? Not sure how the control key is normally used, but I use it often in shortcut/hotkey combinations.

You can’t use the control key on its own in combination with any letter or number in this particular case, because the control key on its own already has meaning in the context of a text view. Thus, I can define it (I tried), but it will do nothing.

Thus, I have created shortcuts using cmd-ctrl-1 to 5, with cmd-ctrl-0 clearing highlighting.

All the best,

Ah, thanks for explaining re the control key. But, it looks like you came up with a very sound solution! And thanks to Amber for the good idea (one of many!).