Quicker way of including html links?

Currently I have to highlight the text, then go to edit > link then paste the text in. It isn’t the end of the world but seems unnecessarily long-winded as in many programs this option is available from a right-click. Am I missing something? Is there a keyboard shortcut?

Copy the link, then select the text you want to link and CTRL+V (I discovered this by chance)

Don’t know of an easy way to remove the link though

Thanks for the reply but that doesn’t work for me. It just pastes the full text of the url into my document, rather than convert the word to a hyperlink.

It’s weird as even basic programs like Gmail make it easier to convert hyperlinks, surely there must be some kind of keyboard shortcut! If not I’ll submit it as a suggestion.

Doesn’t work if you right click -> copy link but it does if you highlight and copy the url in the address bar. At least for me.

Whatever you do, do NOT use the standard Windows keyboard shortcut for that which is Ctrl+K (Google Docs, Evernote, etc.). I figured that’s what they did here but instead it messed up my text and no matter what I do, I cannot get it back to the way it was. Even if I delete it entirely and rewrite it.

A link on the Ctrl+K thing: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/49948/use-ctrlk-to-insert-modify-a-hyperlink-instead-of-code

I agree with you. It should be much easier, but there is a way to reassign keyboard shortcuts. Tools > Options > Keyboard > Edit and then select “Edit Link” and then put your own shortcut in there. Just be sure there isn’t a duplicate.

A general solution is to install a keyboard macro app. I use Macro Express and find it indispensable.

For example, I just press Ctrl-T to look up a word in the thesaurus. It converts Ctrl-T to twt.