Quicker word choice in spell check

I am a new user and already a rabid fan of Scrivener. Just complete 75% of my non-fiction book in five days. Best productivity tool ever.

This may be a very minor thing, but I misspell a lot of words when I write. 99% of the time the spell checker in Scrivener knows exactly what I was aiming for and the correct word is on the top of choices when I click on the word with the squiggly red underline. But I am presented with 21 possible actions to take with the list of word choices way at the top of the pop-up menu.

I wish that

  1. The word choices would appear closest to where my cursor is.
  2. Or, I could configure the pop up to eliminate those 21 other choices which I have yet to use.

Thanks. Awesome product. You rock.

(was that polite enough? :slight_smile:

Spelling is handled by the system software, so I doubt there is much that can be done about that. If you don’t like it, you could try Spell Catcher instead. It is more configurable.


Well, I am pretty sure Scrivener controls what shows up in the pop-up since it includes a lot of color and format choices, and even Scrivener Links. So I am asking Scrivener to expose those choices so I can enable/disable what shows up. Just saying. Thanks!

You’re both right, Scrivener does control the contextual menu as an umbrella function, however there are pieces within that are sourced from automatic functions provided by the OS, and the spelling list is one of them. Think of it like a web page, where some of the page is coming from the server you requested the page from, but potentially other pieces are coming from other servers, like ads and such. These are embedded in the page and presented by the umbrella page, but control over the specifics of the stuff inside the embedded bits is extremely limited.

Third party aside, you might find the spelling window, which goes through the document in a more traditional fashion, to be more useful. That’s Shift-Cmd-; to bring it up.