Quickly Change Titles of Scrivenings with Keyboard Shortcut?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to change the title of a selected Scrivening in the Binder or Outliner? Hitting (the shortcut to rename files in Finder) simply creates a new document. Same, as far as I can tell, for <Shift/CMD/Control/Option+Enter>. I can’t even find a “rename” or “Change document title” option in the menus to bind a shortcut to using System Preferences.

This seems to be the only operation I can’t perform with a keyboard on Scrivener; is there some way to do this? Switching to mouse really breaks my workflow.

You need to distinguish between Carriage Return and Enter. The latter works for renaming in the Binder, the former creates a new file.

If you’re using a MacBook, you need to hit fn-CR to get Enter.


D’oh! The one combo I didn’t try. Thanks so much for your quick reply—this is a lifesaver.

I don’t suppose there’s an option in Preferences to switch these, so that Carriage Return renames, and Enter creates new files?

Preferences > Navigation > Return Key does something … I suggest investigation.


You can also use the Escape key for renaming documents.